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                            Coronavirus Has Brought This Nation To Its Knees

Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said yesterday that the COVID-19 has brought this nation to its knees and we probably are going to spend $7 trillion because of this one little virus. Redfield’s comments were made as half of the nation is seeing spikes in new coronavirus cases.

Dr. Anthony Fauci also warned that if we don’t get control of the coronavirus pandemic by fall, we are essentially chasing after the forest fire.

Dr. Redfield also pointed out that this crisis needs to be a partnership. It’s not all the burden of the federal government to invest in public health at the local level. He said in reality if your funding of CDC was to go away tomorrow, the public heath infrastructure across this nation would just crash.

It is true that when you look at our medical system, most of it is made up of private businesses that  have as their goal to be financially sound. But because the majority of people do not have insurance, they just can’t take advantage of the service.

Sadly, when this pandemic attacked the nation, the federal government just could not control and coordinate the whole nation to mobile very effectively.

We are urging all the politicians and congress to take dramatic action to face the reality of this disaster. Don’t talk too much political language. Just look at how much people are suffering now.


美国疾病管控中心主仼勒菲在国会能源商业委员会作证时说 :“新冠疫情把我们整个国家都屈服了, 美国为了应付这个小小的病毒,可能要花费七万亿美元。”到今天为止,全国廿五个州之确诊人数皆已超过上週之人数,原因是大家都未遵守社交距离、戴口罩, 而且有大型集聚造成传染的主要原因,传染病中心主任福祺也严重警告,全国疫情如果在秋天都无法管控,我们将面临有如扑灭野火的困难。



新冠病毒之肆虐造成中央地方政府无法上下协调 ,全国指挥无法贯彻,而导至疫情难予控制。