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         Coronavirus Politics

This morning the Houston weather was covered with the sounds of thunderstorms and heavy rain.  The City issued a flood warning awareness for flooding water for this bayou city. Flooding is not unusual here.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said yesterday that the state is facing a massive outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and that some new local restrictions may be needed to protect hospital space for new patients.

Abbott, who reopened the state in May wants all hospitals to have enough beds for COVID-19 patients.

Harvard professor Ashish Jha said we’ve all been hearing about states with spiking cases, especially AZ TX FL and NC, but there are five other states where the data is also very concerning. They also have rising case counts, rising test positivity and rising hospitalization.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is asking all citizens to take the proper precautions. He said it is important now that we take things very seriously.

We all hope the new vaccine will come out soon. That will be the only thing that we all depend on to control the pandemic. Texas surpassed 100,000 cases yesterday with 6,200 new infections.

Today is Dragon Boat Festival day. Chinese around the world observed the holiday to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan and to eat the tradtional rice-pudding.

My daughter, Dr. Margaret Lee, brought us some of it. We are very proud our cultural heritage.









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