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Letter To Our Family

Dear Brother and Sisters -

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered bars to close again and restaurants to reduce seating capacity to 50% amid a surge in new coronavirus cases.

Outdoor gatherings of more than 100 people must now have approval of local officials. Harris County has raised the county’s threat level to its highest rating. County Judge Lina Hidalgo is asking Harris County residents to remain at home except for essential trips.

According to the survey, Houston Southwest is hardest hit, especially in the Chinatown area. We want all in the area to be extremely careful.

This pandemic is the biggest challenge for the world and our nation. It also has left most of us facing financial and psychological difficulties. The reason is the lack of leadership and we now need international joint forces to solve the problem.

Dear brothers and sisters, most of you came to this beautiful land because you wanted to pursue a new life. Many of you also experienced political disaster from your old home. I know you are very strong to face this current crisis.

America still is the richest and strongest country in the world. We have full confidence that the worst time will soon be over.

Please go to your friends and neighbors and community and try your best to help each other.

With the best wishes,

Wea Lee

From Houston, Texas

         疫情严峻 大家保重




新冠疫情之瘟疫肆虐是对全球最大的一次挑战,也是我们旅居美国侨胞有史以来最严重的困境,我们可以断言,这是天灾 也更是人祸。

我们大家生活在一个非常幸运也是非常不幸的时代,多少年来,我们大家离乡背井,为了追求更美好的人生来到美洲大陆, 在这𥚃落叶生根,这𥚃就是我们的家,我们更要以当家做主的积极态度来关心自己的事务。



美国仍然是世界最富有及强大之国家,我们不要对人祸造成之溷乱太过悲观, 国家的前途仍然是撑握在我们手中。

各位兄弟姐妹们 ,请你关注一下自己週遭的友人、隣居及社区,大家要守望相助,共同战胜病毒,雨过天晴的日子一定会很快到来。