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First Issue Of Voters News

The 2020 election has already started all over the country. We are not only going to select our next president as well as our U.S. congressmen, we as the leading Asian media group will actively participate in this important election by publishing a special issue of Voters News.

In the last four decades our goal has always been to serve the local community and to join the local community in many events. Every election time our national correspondents team reports a wide variety of news to inform the local community. At the same time, we also strongly encourage all the ethnic groups to participate in the election and go vote.

2020 is a very special year for all of us because of the coronavirus pandemic and the racial issues we are facing. The biggest challenge our nation faces now is also on the crowded roads.

We are very happy and proud that we have a very smart team. We will be using many different languages in our coverage, including English, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese in the pages of the Voters News and will coordinate all the election action with our Southern TV and company websites to record the election history.

Voting is our right and responsibility and we are urging all of you to use your vote to make the important decisions for our country.

Time is running out. Our nation is in a real crisis. Please go to your neighbors, friends and colleagues and family members and join hand to hand to save our lives and to save our nation.

Voters News is our strong commitment and represents our willingness to expose the many issues facing the nation at this critical time and to build a platform for politicians and give them an opportunity to express their opinions.

Finally and foremost, we need your support, your comments and your leadership.

   首期选举战报公开发行  政治列车正式上路

2020美国大选及各地区之国会议员选举活动已经如火如荼的展开,美南新闻当然不可缺席, 我们从即日起在大休斯敦、福遍及哈里斯郡将以电视新媒体及快报方式,发佈及报道选举新闻 ,以便让所有选民能加入选举行列。