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                     Are We Surrendering?

Dr. Antony Fauci, Director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the Senate saying, “We are now having 40,000 cases a day. I would not be surprised if we go up to 100,000 a day if this does not turn around.”

Democratic Presidential challenger Joe Biden said in a news conference that President Trump in April claimed he is a “war time president now.” It is July and what has happened? It seems like our wartime president has surrendered.

Today we really don’t care who is in the White House or who will be president, but we do care about what is going on in this nation. The pandemic is out of control.

Now almost six months later, President Trump still had a big political rally. The people don’t want to wear a mask, and yet they still blame the Chinese for bringing the virus to us. In the meantime, we still don’t see any concrete plan for stopping the virus spread.

We all love the slogan, “Make America Strong Again,” but at the grassroots of society we all care most about how to get a job and to work and survive. Those political slogans are too far away from our reality.

Frankly speaking, most of the immigrants came to the United States because of hard work and most of them became successful businessmen. We would love to have less taxes and small government, but we are also against those anti-immigration attitudes.

There is a real crisis facing our nation now. All of us need to get involved for ourselves and for the future of the next generation.


美国疫情正在不断蔓延公卫官员福奇週一在国会做证时提出严厉警告目前全国每天有五万名确诊病例如果不再採取紧急措施未来可能每日有十万确诊病例, 这将是国家之大灾难。

民主党总统挑战者拜登昨天在记者会上大力抨击川普在四月份时称他自己是战时总统现在已是七月份, 我们的战时总统已经投降了。

我们今天不论任何人所持之政治观点其中大家可能公认的是,白宫对疫情之管控是失败的,从今年元月底至今,已经近半年之久试问川普总统为全国人民做了些什么, 为了选造势可以不顾公卫危机召开群众大会自己不戴口罩,为全国人民做最的示范病毒来袭怪罪中国大陆今天二波疫情再来,又作何解释?

今天我们选择这块土地我们更是这个国家奉公守法的公民我们非常乐见川普高唱的要美国再强大 ”,但是执政者之所做所为是在牺牲了大多数平民老百姓起码的生活及安心。

许多政客从出生就含着金汤匙他们生活在高大上的豪华环境中, 哪能真正体会到人间疾苦。