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Contribution Of Asian PhD

It was my great pleasure to meet Mr. A. J. Durrani and talk about how Asian Americans can participate in the upcoming Democratic presidential election. We all agreed that we as Asian American voters should express our serious concerns about our nation’s future, especially with the upcoming November election.

According to a Georgetown University Center for Security and Emerging Technology survey, about ninety percent of Asian students, including ones from China, after they got their PhD degree, they planned to stay in the U.S. The report also showed that in all U.S. research institutions, researchers included 27% from China, 11% from India, 4% from Iran and only 31% from local. These figures also showed almost half of them are Asian.

In economic and financial areas, the Asian family yearly income is over $60,000, much higher than the average family income of $50,740 per year.

We sincerely urge the Democratic Party to pay more attention to Asian American citizen groups and what they have done for this great country.

All of us need to team up together and go vote and donate money to the candidates. This is the only way we can show our power.




根据乔治城大学安全及新兴技术中心最近发表之调研报告, 来美留学硏读人工智慧的亚洲学生包括中国大陆在内,在他们取得博士学位后百分之九十选择留在美国,继续贡献他们的研发工作, 在国防部启动的梅文计划也有许亚裔工程博士。

在报告中总结今天在美国高校硏究机构任职之人才,其中百分之二十七来自中国大陆,百分之十一来自印度,百分之十一来自欧洲,百分之四来自伊朗,本地美国人包括在美出生之亚裔在内只佔百分之三十一 ,从这位统计数字看来,裔科技硏究人才已近一半。

亚裔美人在经济上的地位更不容小觑,每个家庭收入近七万美元 ,早已超过全美家庭平均收入之五万零七百四十美元。

民主党总统提名大会在即,党内正在加紧草拟党纲,此次会晤,代表亚裔社区的杜哈尼深切瞭解我们的需求, 希望在大会上得到代表们的重视。