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美国新冠疫情日记 07/06/2020

美国新冠疫情日记 07/06/2020

How Can We Wait?

Today we are facing the worst time since World War II. From the border between China and India, to the South China Sea and North Korea -- the world is in crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to its knees and caused the greatest economic downturn along with the political turmoil we now have. The reason for this situation is related to a natural disaster as well as politicians’ ability to respond.

The presidential election is less than four months away now. We as the leader of the world must understand that this election is not just related to our own future, but also will influence the future of the world.

We want to urge all our brothers and sisters, because we love this land and we are here in our adopted home, this is the time and we need to act now. Please use your vote and donate money to your candidate to show your support.

Southern News Group will be joining hands with you all over the nation to promote and publish the Voters News. We must all participate in this election, not only for ourselves, but also for our next generation.


今天我们身处的世界可以说是二次大战以来最混乱不安之时代,领导世界的美国尤其是处在内忧外患之困境, 从中印边境到北韩香港局势及南海情势,到处是危机四伏。

新冠病毒之攻击,让世界各国都臣服了,世界经济加上政局不稳,全球正面临任何人都无法幸免的危机,為何世界走到如此严重之地步 ,有天灾更有人祸。

美国总统大选将於十一月三日投票,在未足四个月时间,这场选战会决定我们国家的前途,也是影响世界的未来,因為美国仍然是世界第一强国 ,我们掌握了世界未来之走向。



美国传媒集团将会责无旁贷地参与这次的政治活动,我们将在全美发动各项文宣,走进各地社区 和各位携手共进,投入选战行列。