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U.S Orders China To Close Houston Consulate

The U.S. State Department yesterday ordered the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas, to be shut down. This is the first time this has ever happened since the U.S. and China established diplomatic relations 41 years ago.

Located on Montrose Blvd. in Houston, Texas, the Chinese consulate was the first consulate in the United States. The consulate office has served eight southern U.S. states. China is heavily invested in Texas and Louisiana because of the oil industry.

The Chinese consulate has been accused of being a spy center for the Chinese Government. China has called the ordered shut down an outrageous and unjustified move that will sabotage U.S.-China relations.

We are very worried about the world’s two largest economic powers coming to a dead end. Many right wing politicians would like to see the Cold War come back and eventually lead to military confrontation.

People around the world are still suffering because of the pandemic and economic slowdown. The federal government still doesn’t have an effective way to face this crisis.

The world needs a peaceful environment to improve our living standard. We need real leaders to lead us in the future.



设在休斯敦蒙族路的中国领事馆是中美建交后第一个建立的总领事馆管辖美国东南八州, 中国大陆在美国之投资百分之六十以上都集中在德州南部尤其以能源石油為主。

美国政府称关闭中国领事馆是為了保护美国的智慧财產权及保障美国公民之私人信息。中国外交部表示美国悍然强关中国使馆,我们要做最的准备并指责美方发起的政治挑衅 。

我们非常不愿看到世界两大济体正在走极端恶化之情势美国许多反华政客正在推动中美两国脱勾, 进入冷战时代 甚至发动军事冲突。

综观世界情势 疫情虐肆造成的济衰退及人心惶恐政府无法拿出有效办法加上大选即将到来实在令大家感到十分之恐慌及不安。