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More Stimulus Money Is On The Way

Senate Republicans presented an outline for another stimulus package to help businesses, schools, health care facilities and everyday Americans amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

The fourth stimulus package proposed by the Congress calls for more forgiveness loans for small business and federal unemployment insurance at $200 per week instead of $600 per week. Money to help schools reopen, personal protection gear for healthcare workers and a moratorium on outstanding evictions among other types of aid. A second round of stimulus checks would put $1,200 into the hands of more than 150 million Americans.

We are so glad the fourth stimulus bill is working in Congress for those people and businesses that need it the most. Not many countries in the world can do something like this, but this kind of economic aid is not the final resolution. 

Up until this date there are sixteen million, four hundred thousand confirmed cases in the world of the coronavirus and six hundred and fifty thousand people have lost their lives. In America alone, we have had one hundred and fifty thousand deaths. This is more than double what we had originally estimated. 

After almost five months now, we think the federal government needs to take more dramatic measures to coordinate with local governments and let the medical professionals take over the stage. They are the ones who can make the right decisions -- not the politicians. 

President Trump will be in west Texas today to meet with his supporters. We really want him to visit the U.S.-Mexico border towns to witness how the local poor people are suffering now. 


美国国会参眾两院目前正在為第四波联邦紓困方案进行最后之协商, 其中包括对商业学校、 医疗及通老百姓在疫情受灾之援助。

紓困案中将会给予小商业无偿薪水货款联邦失业保险金每週从六百元降為二百元, 对低收入人士每人一千二百元现金支票,将有一亿五千万人受惠。

我们对政府给予疫情受灾人士之及时雨感到十分欣慰但是这些究竟不是解决之道。世界上有哪些国家能像美国一样不断发放现金及紓困贷款 只有我们生活在此的民眾有此福份。


联邦政府已经浪费了太多时间我们呼吁把疫情管控工作快交还给医疗专家, 福其博士再度提出警告, 如果我们再无法有效控制疫情方法后果将更不堪设想。