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A Cheater In Our Society

 A Houston man is accused of bilking the government of $1.6 million allocated for coronavirus relief. He spent the money on expensive cars, watches and strip clubs.

 29-year old Lee Price has been in trouble with the law since he was 17 years old. In the past, he has been charged and convicted as an adult for forgery of a government instrument. In 2009, he was convicted of theft and spent time in jail. Other past records include driving while intoxicated and robbery with threat in 2011. Most recently, Price was charged for wire fraud and bank fraud while being out on bond and in possession of a weapon and tampering with a government record charge.

 Price’s case really represents a lot of crooks who are using this pandemic to cheat the federal government. They become criminals and do whatever they can to cheat the average people too.

 It is very sad in the case of Price who at an early age didn’t use his talent to do the right thing. A lot of kids like him are from broken families and never got an education.

 This is a real problem in our society. Many young people are like Lee Price. If they don’t go to school, they never get any skills to look for a job in order to survive. Following that path, they will eventually join organized crime and continue to steal and rob and become a social liability.

 Price’s case is more than his just being a criminal. He is also stealing money and benefits from those people who are really suffering in the pandemic.


德州休斯敦一位廿九岁非裔人士李布䒹斯三世是名罪犯,从二00七年来 ,他曾经被控抢劫,酒醉驾车,十七岁时就犯了银行诈欺,非法持有武器等罪名,并且多次进出监狱,但他居然有办法虚设公司,向联邦政府申报超过百万美元新冠疫情之救助款项,并用於购买名錶,名车及到声色场所挥霍。

布䒹斯之犯罪行為正充分顕示许多不法之徒正在利用新冠病毒肆虐之时,趁机诈骗政府之补助金,他们之行為, 真令人不齿。

从另一角度而言,也说明我们教育之失败, 许多聪明绝顶之孩童 ,因生长在不正常之家庭环境中, 诸如单亲或无父母之照顾 ,孩童时代就已流落街头,他们只有利用小聪明做坏事。