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A Political Virus In The Coronavirus Pandemic

White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said that his family now requires continued security in the face of harassment and death threats from people who are angry over his guidance on the coronavirus pandemic.

According to medical experts, by the next month of September, more than 200,000 people will lose their lives. This is a horrible number for all of us.

After the coronavirus attacked, we have witnessed so many political dramas in the nation’s capital. Politicians have been using the virus to take advantage of their political future. They don’t agree on many of the suggestions from medical experts to control the virus because they want to keep the businesses open.

Today if you look at the most serious areas in big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Houston, because most of the poor people living in urban areas are mostly African and Latino working class groups, they are less fortunate compared with other people living away and out of the city areas.

In Washington, Democrats and Republicans have very different views on how to manage the virus. Most of the politicians talking on television shows do not understand what is going on with the local problems because they really don’t care about it. The only thing they want is to be re-elected for the next term.

Two hundred thousand lives that will be lost represents so many families -- their parents, brothers, sisters and friends. We are now really in a national crisis.


联邦疾管中心福其博士今天非常遺憾的表示他從未想到新冠疫情滲進了這多政治因素, 他的家人更受到死亡威脅 他感到十分担憂。

根據醫療專家預測,到九月初, 美國全國死亡人數會超過廿萬人, 這個可怕之數字令人不寒而慄, 豈是我們平民老百姓可以忍受的?

自從疫情傳播以來政治操作一直是政客們利用之伎俩, 主要是美國大選在即, 各路人馬都在利用病毒谋取私利, 不願以封城來管制疫情之猖狂更不願得罪選民。

美國地緣廣大, 紐約、洛杉磯、休斯敦人口集聚,城市居民許多是非裔、 拉丁裔等少數族裔, 生活比較辛苦, 醫療條件不佳, 因而患上新冠疫情之機會當然比較高, 而在人口稀少地區 居住條件較佳則染病者會較少。 他們多半不相信戴口罩 不相信病毒會那麼猖獗, 而事實證明, 他們的疏失造成了不可彌補之慘劇。

時至今日, 華府政壇仍然上演激烈之政治角力,民主共和兩黨對疫情控制和經濟復甦意見南辕北辙,國會提案和白宮之間隔閡日深, 總統和議長已經半年以上不曾交談, 視如仇人。

我們這些平民百姓最關心的還是溫飽問題, 华盛頓的政治大戲只能滿足政客之野心, 確讓國民吃盡苦頭。

近二十萬的犧牲者 代表無數家庭失去親朋好友之悲劇 我們仍然見那些每天在電視上口沫橫飛胡说八道的投機者們 對弱勢族群及貧困者視而無睹, 請問蒼天公理!