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Police Brutality Is A Sad Story

In Kenosha, Wisconsin, police officer Rusten Sheskey fired into the back of a Black man, Jacob Blake, on Sunday while he was trying to enter a vehicle as his three children watched from the backseat. Bystanders captured the shooting on a cellphone and shared the video on social media. Since then, there have been demonstrations and rioting on the city streets. In the nightly protests, a 17-year old boy shot two people to death and injured one. He claimed that he came to protect the people’s property.

Jacob Blake, who remained hospitalized after sustaining multiple injuries, is now handcuffed to his hospital bed his family said.

The shooting has spurred nightly protests and wildcat strikes across the sports world.

We are very angry how the police treated the people --- they are human beings. The State of Wisconsin’s use of the National Guard is not the solution. We think this is a fundamental social issue facing our nation.

We are very fortunate that Hurricane Laura did not hit the Houston area, but our neighbor, the state of Louisiana, was hit hard. This natural disaster just really adds to our agony with the pandemic.

As we know, in America one percent of the rich people control forty percent of the national wealth.

Most citizens are poor, especially when a lot of people have lost their jobs and need to depend on the government to come to their rescue. Sadly this situation will continue to create a lot of social unrest.

Today America is at a crossroad. We need to select a leader who really understands where the problems are, not just thinking that a few political slogans will solve all our problems.

       警察暴力 国家不幸

威士康辛州非裔青年布里克日前在肯诺沙市被警察连开七枪 正在医院紧急治疗 尤其是十七岁的白人青年公然在示威人群中以半自动步枪打死了两名示威者, 总统决定派遣国民兵前往镇压。所有美国职业球队都以罢赛抗议全美各地更掀起另一个示威浪潮。

看到这些连续不断的警察暴力行為真是令人髮指, 再次说明了我们面临无法解决之社会问题副总统在共和党大会中严厉谴责暴力,而川普政府希望以政府武装来鎭压示威者但是我们要问: 这是解决的方法吗?

罗拉颱风刚刚横扫墨西哥湾地区休斯敦虽然倖免, 但是隣近的查理湖市及週边城镇包括最大的赌场也被吹得满目疮痍, 惨不忍睹, 就连新冠疫情的病患也在逃亡之行列中。

今天我们所面临之国家危机已经不是政客们三言二语的政治语言所对之困境, 我们必须要选出真正能体查民间疾苦的领航者多年来因社会机会之不公贫富悬殊越来加大, 百分之一的美国富人掌控了全国百分之四十的财富,换言之贫苦大眾还是多数生活在社会底层的平民百姓如果无法解决最基本的生活需求, 还谈什麼自由正义。