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Only A Vaccine Can Rescue Us

When a coronavirus vaccine comes on the market, people will likely need two doses.

The federal government has given large amounts of money to six pharmaceutical companies as an incentive for them to speed up vaccine development and clinical trials and get their products to market in record time.

Two of these companies, Moderna and Pfizer, are now in Phase 3 of large clinical trials with 30,000 volunteers. The volunteers in each of the trials are getting two doses of the vaccine, with Moderna spacing their shots out 28 days apart and Pfizer spacing theirs out by 21 days. These trials are already moving at a good clip.

Johnson & Johnson are also already in Phase 3 of their clinical trials. Volunteers will take one or two doses in these trials.

We need to produce 600 million doses for the U.S. which is a very big task. Dr. Nada Sanders, a professor of supply chain management at Northeastern University said, “Doubling is a huge supply chain issue and you have to double everything in the supply chain.”

Today we are still facing critical challenges all over the whole nation. A lot of people still do not believe in wearing facial masks, including the RNC. At the White House last Thursday 1,500 people attended the convention event and nobody was wearing a mask.

Let us all hope the vaccine will come on the market soon. That might be the only way we can save our lives.



根据科研专家们的硏究接种疫苗可能要次才见效, 他们顾虑要大家在一个月内打两次疫苗可能面临许多困难摩尔教授说这将是人类歷史上规模最大最繁重的一次防御工作目前联邦政府已经给六家制药厂重金补助, 希望他们能早日拯救国民之痛苦。

摩德纳和凡色两家公司已经进入第三期临床试验,每家已经有三万名志愿者参加, 每位志愿者必须在二十一天之间隔内打另外一家詹生和詹生也已进入第三期试验他们视情况给志愿者打一针或两针。

专家们认為美国全国需要生產六亿个疫苗是件艰鉅之任务, 根据CNN之民调,到目前為止仍有百分之四十的国民不愿或不信仼接种疫苗。

今天我们正面临生死存亡之秋,目前已有十八万人失去了亲人, 许多大型集会仍然无视专家之建言為人為己戴上口罩包括上週四晚上共和党在白宫一千五百人之集会。

我们深信今年底之前, 疫苗之出现可能是我们唯一的救星。

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