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美国新冠疫情日记 09/02

美国新冠疫情日记 09/02

Now Is The Time To Act 

A letter was sent it to an Irving, Texas, resident in which the writer threatens to “shoot mercilessly “ immigrants of Chinese and Indians who work in the IT technology field because, “they steal our jobs.” This person is openly threatening to shoot up a swimming pool area, a playground and a business.

The Irving police department is asking anyone who has received such a letter to “not to open it if possible,” so as to preserve any forensic evidence.

This disturbing letter is threatening violence and has police on alert. People in the Asian community are directly being targeted and are under threat.

As the election time is getting closer, all the politicians are starting to come into our community to ask for donations and votes, including many Asians. For the decent candidates running for public office, this is the time we need to express our opinions to these politicians and tell them what we need in our community. Actually, the truth is, many of them will never come back to us when the campaign is over. 

More than half of the Asian population came to this country in the last forty years. They came here as refugees and students or because their relatives were already here. They are very hard workers who have created small businesses and raised their next generation to become very outstanding professionals. This is a great contribution to America.

Today in America we are facing a very unstable society with so much social unrest and riots together with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. The Asian community especially is facing the biggest difficulty because some people are blaming Asian immigrants for the problems.

The presidential and congressional elections are coming soon. We as Asian voters need to make the right decision to pick our leader.


德州埃文市一名匿名之种族歧视份子昨天发出一封死亡恐吓信, 要让华裔及印裔滚回你们的国家, 因為你们抢了美国人的饭碗,写信人甚至扬言将在公共场所对亚裔进行无预警的射杀行动,市警局已展开调查,希望抓到写信的罪首。

这项社群信讯震撼了达拉斯地区的亚裔社区, 也敲响了我们当前对亚裔族群歧视的警钟。

包括总统及国会议员大选,参选的各路人马也已经开始在亚裔社区积极活动, 不外是争取钞票和选票, 在德州地区也有数位亚裔角逐国会及地方民意代表。

我们要大声疾呼,这是我们亚裔社区行动的时候了,我们必须认真评估参选人之政见和品德, 慎重考虑你的捐款和选票。

多少年来, 许多政客多半是在选举时期才想到我们,因為我们有许多慷慨的捐款人,他们在来访时候,好话说尽, 当选后就忘记了他们对选民之承诺。

亚裔移民到达美国后,由于他们的勤奋努力,多半都稍有成就, 中小企业当然是希望政府能鬆绑法令,少徴税, 才能為企业营造有利之环境,更希望能有良好之治安环境。

不幸的是, 目前我们所处之社会正在遭遇前所未有之挑战, 加上新冠疫情之肆虐, 亚裔族群投票群可以在此时此刻发挥积极作用,我们一定要团结起来,投下神圣的选票。