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我们坚持為社区服务 ---- 美南传媒发行2021年休斯顿黄页电话簿 今年二月初新冠疫情扩散以来,我们在全美各大城市的工作伙伴冒着病毒侵袭之危险,站在工作岗位之最前线,继续為我们的读者和观眾服务。 美南传媒為了走在时代之前端,多年来创建美南电视网,透过网路 、电视及电子报三位一体,加大对读者们之高品质服务。 三十多年美南传媒最主要的媒体之一就是华人黄页电话簿,目前在休斯敦 、达拉斯 、芝加哥及华盛顿等各大城市编辑工作已经告一段落, 并将在年底前经由网路及黄页电话簿全面推出。 美南新闻创刊以来始终是抱着和社区共同成长之理念,更要感恩大家之大力支持。 新冠疫情对我们社区之侵袭,目睹许多商家承受经济上之打击,许多朋友因无法支撑而倒闭,一生储蓄付诸流水,确实使人同情和难过。 我们呼吁华人社区朋友们,値此病毒浩劫仍然猖狂之时, 我们一定要同舟共济, 抱团取暖, 共同迎接美好的明天。 2021 Houston Chinese Yellow Pages Since February of this year, the Coronavirus has attacked our community. Our colleagues still stand on the front line to report, edit and publish our daily newspaper and television broadcasts. Many years ago, Southern News Group got into the digital media age and started with our digital newspaper and television programming. We incorporated our newspaper, TV and digital online news to better serve our readers and expanding audience. One of our most important products is our Chinese Yellow Pages in Houston, Dallas, Chicago and Washington DC. The Yellow Pages are a vital information source for the local communities we serve. We are very proud that our 2021 Chinese Yellow Pages will be published again at the end of the year. We want to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your support. We all need to be united to overcome this pandemic crisis. We hope that better days are coming.