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RETINA Consultants 视网膜眼科医生

RETINA Consultants 视网膜眼科医生


  • 联系人:ERIC CHEN 陳澤威醫生

  • 电话:713-394-7529

  • 邮箱:

  • 地址:6921 Brisbane Court, Suite 200, Sugar Land, TX 77479

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Retina Consultants of Houston is one of the largest retina-only ophthalmology practices in Texas and one of the most respected in the United States. Our practice is also home to the Greater Retina Research Center, one of the country’s leading sites for retinal research. Retina Consultants of Houston has 14 board-certified physicians and 15 locations throughout the Houston area. We are committed to providing world-class expertise in the medical and surgical care of patients with retinal diseases throughout southeast Texas and beyond while advancing science through cutting-edge research. We also invest heavily in diagnostic equipment, providing state-of-the-art retina imaging, laser treatment, and diagnostic capabilities to each patient. This, combined with the clinical expertise of our physicians, an outstanding and devoted staff, and more than a dozen convenient locations to serve our patients, ensures each individual receives an accurate and detailed diagnosis followed by a custom treatment plan that will lead to optimal outcomes. Dr. Eric Chen is accepting new patients in Sugar Land. He speaks English, Mandarin and Spanish. Dr. Chen earned his undergraduate degree, with honors, from Stanford University, and his medical degree from Baylor college of Medicine. He completed his ophthalmology residency at Vanderbilt Eye Institute in Nashville, Tennessee, where he was appointed Chief Resident. Dr. Chen went on to complete the prestigious two-year medical retina/retina surgery fellowship program at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, consistently rated among the top three programs in the nation. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 713.394.7529. 休斯顿视网膜诊疗中心(2021年即将更名為德州视网膜诊疗中心)是德州最大并在美国国内享有盛誉并备受瞩目的视网膜专科诊所之一。同时也是在美国国内处领先地位的视网膜研究中心之一——大休斯顿地区视网膜研究中心的大本营。休斯顿视网膜诊疗中心现有14位通过医学专业认证的医生,并且在全休斯顿地区设有15家诊所。 我们向我们的患者提供世界级的针对视网膜疾病的专业诊疗及手术服务,同时我们也通过深入开展临床研究来继续发展眼科医学。我们在诊断仪器方面投入了大量的资金,这些仪器能够让我们给患者提供像艺术品壹样高质量的诊断照片,高精度的镭射治疗,以及高超的诊断能力。先进的诊断仪器加上经验丰富的医生、敬业的员工以及14个方便患者就诊的诊所地点,确保每壹位患者都能够通过準确的诊断与详细的量身订制的治疗计划得到最理想的预后。 陈泽威医生每周二在糖城全天看诊,他精通英文,中文以及西班牙语。 陈医生本科毕业於斯坦福大学,之后就读於Baylor医学院。他眼科住院医实习在位於田纳西州纳什维尔的Vanderbilt眼科学院,在那里他被任命為总住院医师。随后,在极富盛名的位於宾夕法尼亚州的Wills眼科医院,这里的视网膜及视网膜手术专业壹直排在该领域美国国内前三名,陈医生完成了视网膜及视网膜手术专业学习。 如需预约请拨打电话:713-394-7529。