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   We Are Very Proud Of Our Heritage

Professor Anne Chao of Rice University and the Asian Center recently asked me to be part of her show project which will join with the New York Museum of Chinese in America on October 21, 2020. The show will also be co-hosted by Nancy Yao Maasbach, President of the museum.

In Anne’s letter, she wrote, “The director of MOCA reached out and invited our archive, the Houston Asian American Archive, to talk about the amazing people we have in this region of the country.”

Dr. Anne Chao, adjunct lecturer in the school of Humanities is co-founder of the “Houston Asian-American Archive” for which she serves as project manager. Its mission is to foster a deeper understanding of Houston’s immigrant history and to document the unique cultural legacy of Asian-Americans. Anne’s parents, Ting Tsing and Wei Fong Chao, made it possible with a generous gift to set up the Chao Center for Asian Studies at Rice University.

Founded in 1980, the Museum of Chinese in America is dedicated to preserving and presenting the history, heritage, culture and diverse experiences of people of Chinese descent in the United States.

The Museum promotes dialogue and understanding among people of all cultural backgrounds bringing 160 years of American Chinese experience to life. Here people can see a vivid part of American history displayed through its exhibition, educational and cultural programs.

Today, Chinese Americans are facing new challenges in America. More than one hundred sixty years ago our pioneers came to America to build the railroad. Many people joined in the war and sacrificed their lives. We really need to archive all of the stories to educate the general public as well as our next generation.

Thank you Anne for your and your family’s contributions to our community. We are all looking forward to a better tomorrow.





我們十分感謝趙氏家族在萊斯大學設置之趙氏亞洲中心,其尊翁趙廷箴夫婦早年從台灣來到德州從事石化業,卓然有成,在其二位公子繼續经營下,西湖化工已执美國化工業之牛耳, 是我們華人在美成功之典範。

我們在此向趙氏家族及趙教授表示崇高之敬意, 早年我們也把近三十年的美南新聞原版送請趙教授主持之亞洲硏究中心,也算是我們記録在美华人历史的一部份。

不論政治社會如何變化, 我們堅信大家一定要團結在一起,我們永遠以華亞裔為榮。

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