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美國新冠疫情日記 10/01

美國新冠疫情日記 10/01

Is This A National Embarrassment?

President Trump and challenger Joe Biden’s debate turned into a chaotic disaster. 

In the 90-minute showdown, President Trump interrupted Biden and moderator Chris Wallace more than 70 times. Biden responded by mocking the president calling him a “clown,” a “racist” and “the worst president America has ever had.” 

Trump also has asked his supporters to go to the polls and watch the results very carefully. Trump declared that he wouldn’t support the results under “certain circumstances.” He said, “If I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can’t go along with that.”

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced today that it would add additional structure to the remaining faceoffs between President Trump and former Vice President Biden after Tuesday night’s chaotic clash in Cleveland.

Eleven Democratic governors issued a joint statement today voicing concern about the integrity of the November election declaring that they, “will not allow anyone to willfully corrupt the democratic process by delegitimizing the outcome or by engaging in the appointment of fraudulent electors against the will of the voters.”

Today we are facing the biggest crisis in our election history which is that the outcome may not be accepted by one of the candidates. 

We as the model of democratic systems across the globe have displayed a chaotic presidential debate to the entire world that is really a national embarrassment.


總統和拜登副總統之首次辯論真是一個災難在九十多分鐘之過程中川普總統總共打斷了拜登的談話七十次之多拜登譴責川普不但是騙子,也是美國有史以來最爛的總統雙方相互指責叫罵, 真是一场鬧劇。

其中最令人擔憂的是川普總統要求他的支持者在投票当天務必到投票所去觀察他說“ 如果我們發現有成千上萬有疑慮的選票我們不會承認選舉結果。“

全美十一個民主黨執政的州長今天也發表聲明, 將絕不容許對選舉公平性進行歪曲之行為以保障投票人應有之權益。

令人非常遺憾的是,我們號稱是世界民主政治選舉之典範當我們即將在一個月內進行大選總統還在挑戰選舉結果的公平性, 我們二百五十年來所累積的政治经验岂不是毀於一旦

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