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美國新冠疫情日記 10/ 29

美國新冠疫情日記 10/ 29

                             Biden Still Holds A Steady Election Lead 

According to the latest poll indications, Democratic nominee Joe Biden maintains a steady lead over President Trump nationwide.

Among all the voters, 54% back Biden, while 42% support Trump. Biden’s lead nationally is wider than any presidential candidate has held in more than twenty years in the final days of the campaign.

The poll finds that among the people who have already voted, 64% are for Biden and 34% are for Trump. Women break sharply for Biden at 61% to 37%. Among men, 48% are for Trump and 47% are for Biden.

The presidential approval rate in the poll stands at 42% approve to 55% disapprove.

Biden maintains advantages over Trump as the candidate who is more likely to unite the country and the candidate who is more honest and trustworthy.

Today our nation is facing a major crisis. In many ways, whoever will lead this country is our major decision.

In Washington, the stimulus package was delayed again. The Fed is running out of ways to help the economy. U.S. stocks continued to sell off in recent days. It was to the market’s worst week since late March as rising coronavirus infections shook investors’ confidence.

We don’t know how accurate the polling numbers are, but we still want to urge all of you to go out and vote. Every vote counts.


當全世界正在面對另一场新冠病毒的大戰時 歐洲各國正展開封城措施美國全國各地更是嚴正以待,位于美墨邊境已經在建造野戰醫院,對付醫院無法收留的病患。

根據最新民意测驗,在全國投票人當中,有百分之五十四支持拜登百分之四 十二支持川普,但是在已經投票的七千萬選民中百分之六十四投給拜登百分之三十四投川普,女性投票選民多半支持拜登, 而川普支持率只有百分之三十七。


大選在即我們仍然要呼籲大家去投下神聖的一票, 命運撑握在我們自己手中, 今天我們華亞裔正處於最艱難時期, 各種謊言及攻击造成社區之不安, 大家一定要守望相助,共同克服困難。