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美國新冠疫情日記 11/16

美國新冠疫情日記 11/16

Our Contribution To The Community

I recently attended the grand opening party of a senior residence in the International District with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Congressman Al Green. This thirty-six unit luxury apartment complex was designed by my cousin, architect C.C. Lee and built by his company, STOA International.

I met C.C. almost thirty-six years ago when he moved to Houston. Because of his hard work and talent, today he has successfully built his own architectural empire including the design of many public buildings like the George R. Brown Convention Center and the Houston International Airport.

C.C. has already opened another full-service senior care center one-half year ago. It is also located on Bellaire Blvd. in the International District.

Mayor Turner and Congressman Al Green both highly praised C.C.’s accomplishments for the community and the City of Houston.

Today when you walk through the International District and the Chinatown area of Houston, Texas, you will find the majority of businesses have been opened by newcomers to the area, especially by Asian-Americans.

Our nation is still facing serious challenges. Politicians in Washington, D.C. are still fighting for power while the pandemic continues to skyrocket. Our people still need to remember that a group of hard-working people still are creating new jobs and economic prosperity.

C.C. Lee is one of our best role models. He is a hero within our community. He is not just out shouting in front of the White House. All across our nation we still have so many of the “silent majority” doing the right thing in all the communities.




李建筑師和我相識已逾三十五年早年遷居休城,当时華人稀少 我們交往甚密,情同手足也常一起參加諸多政治募款活動他對我的邀請從不拒絕是華人参政的表率。

李兄多年來由於他活動力強出手大方已經是活耀在德州政壇上的華亞裔人物, 在事業上更是參予休斯敦機場及會議中心之設計建造工作並在萊斯大學向老美教授中國風水課程宏掦中華文化這些傑出之成就奠定了我們對美國社會的貢獻。

今天疫情嚴重衝擊我們華府政爭不斷許多美國政客不斷挑起種族歧視, 怱視我華裔對社會主貢獻,一批拿旗在廣場上吶喊的示威者他們要把移民趕出去, 更有許多華人在旁助陣不知他們是何目的。