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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 12/08

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 12/08

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在美國有歷史二百三十多年來,除了经濟大蕭條,這次新冠疫情是前所未有的大災難。 根據美國食品銀行的估計,目前美國人當中每八個人就有一人遭受飢餓之困境, 這是多麼令人悲哀的事情,美國不是全世界最富有的國家嗎?如今還有超過百分之十的貧窮人口還在飢餓線上掙扎,得靠政府之救援,真是多大的諷刺啊。



U.K. Giant Vaccine Rollout

As it prepares to begin rolling out a coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday, Britain is taking on the biggest logistical challenge ever faced by the country’s health service. They want to vaccinate tens of millions of people against the coronavirus in a matter of months. Retired health workers are being asked to help.

President-elect Biden has asked Congress and President Trump to pass the stimulus economic package. Otherwise, more than 12 million people will lose their unemployment benefits and more small businesses will be forced to close.

Today we are facing the biggest challenge in our modern history. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, one out of eight people in the U.S. now faces hunger. And as the richest country in the world, this is very ironic for us.

Thank God we finally have a vaccine coming to rescue us. Before most of us can be vaccinated, we still will need to wear the masks, keep the social distance and wash our  hands.