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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 12/17

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 12/17

我見 我聞 我思


輝瑞疫苗的研發成功和住在紐約市的公司副總裁詹勝女士有密不可分關係, 更是她在人生歷程中寫下的動人故事。

詹勝女士住在的紐約市區,曾經目睹許多臨時停尸車排滿在她的巷口, 看到醫院急症室中的求診病人在呻吟, 最令她震撼的是穿梭在路上的救護車晝夜穿梭在大街上巷口的商店都關門了她深深感到唯有盡快發明疫苗才可能拯救失控的疫情 因此她決心卯尽全力來努力,她表示, 在全體員工和德國公司之共同研製下 终于让輝瑞疫苗問世, 對她说來這無疑是她的夢想成真。

詹勝女士之故事, 也是千萬人所曾經感受過的日子, 尤其是在最前缐工作醫療和科硏人員,因為他們無私的犧牲和貢獻才能有疫苖之發現。

白宮即將換新的主人, 拜登總統就職以後, 民主党執政團隊將會改變許多聯邦經濟政策, 其中最可能的改變是對社區銀行之輔助, 將會放寬對各族裔之借貸條件 在房屋政策方向, 政府將加大放寬建造更多的平民住宅。

我們甚盼明年春天疫情可以得到控制, 一切回归正常在拜登執政之始, 让美國经濟再現光芒。

Jansen’s Personal Story

Vice President of Pfizer Kathrin Jansen who led the development of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine had a very touching story when she witnessed the death and economic disaster near her home in New York City.

Jansen was interviewed by CBS news and talked about her experience in the pandemic. She said that, “The most chilling thing for me was when we walked our dog and we’d go by the hospital complexes and you’d see one refrigerated truck after the other appearing in the parking lots in front of the hospitals. It was their morgue trucks. It became very personal, the virus. I took this very personally. I wanted to fight it, beat it and fight it down.”

Jansen’s story represents the feelings of so many medical teams and researchers working to fight in the front line and in their laboratories.

Today the Pfizer vaccine came to rescue for the people suffering in the pandemic. We all hope that in the coming months our society will get back to normal.

With the Biden administration soon taking over the White House, there are two fundamental policies that will change. One of them will be helping more community banks to serve their communities with more relaxed credit. The other is the building of more affordable housing for low income people.

Housing is the backbone of our economy. We expect the new administration will get back together with the international community to address all the new challenges we are facing in the current world.