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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 12/24

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 12/24

我見 我聞 我思


世界著名的哈佛大學東亞學者傅高義週日在麻州康布里奇因病去世, 享年九十歲 ,一代研究日本和中國的政治大師 ,決定了當代美國人對東亞歷史之理解。

隨著日本在经濟上之崛起, 1979 年傅高義出版了「日本第一對美國的啟示」一書,非常精准的描述日本是如何趕上美國而他們為什麼可以做到這一點, 他特別在書中指出,日本重視公民教育,有極優秀的政府公務員。

二十年後 他開始對亞洲另一崛起的超級大國 --- 中國展開全面的硏究工作, 在二千年,他以中國改革開放之領導人鄧小平為題,出版了一部幅達876 頁的「鄧小平时代」並且訪問了趙紫陽、胡耀邦和鄧小平等中國領導人的後代子女,這是一本研究中國近代史最權威的一本大著作。


數十年來 傅高義経常訪問亞洲, 並且用中文和日語發表演說 ,他對於目前美中關係之惡化感到沮喪, 但是他對兩個超級大國未景仍然樂觀。


拜登政府即將接管白宮, 今後中美兩國之關係, 相信也會有不同之調整方向, 美國政商學界之代表人物多半還是主張兩國再度回到國際多邊政治経濟架構之下,進行合作和競爭才是解決問題之道。

Harvard Professor Ezra F. Vogel Has Passed Away

Professor Ezra F. Vogel, an eminent scholar of East Asia Studies at Harvard University whose writings about China and Japan helped western people understand the rise of the two Asian powers has passed away.

Vogel’s son Steven confirmed that his father had passed away due to complications of surgery.

In 1979, Professor Vogel published Bamako called, “Japan as Number One: Lessons for America,” he outlined how the Japanese had caught up with America because of their ability to govern and educate its citizens efficiently.

In the year of 2011, Professor Vogel published an 876-page book, “Deng Xiaoping,” one of the most in-depth biographies of the pragmatic leader who lead the reform of China that helped lift hundreds of millions of Chinese out of poverty. In the book, he interviewed the children of key communist party figures including Zhao Ziyang, Hu Yaobang and Chinese leader Jiang Zemin.

Ezra Vogel was born on July 11, 1930, in Delaware, Ohio, to a Jewish immigrant family. He and his wife Suzanne went to Japan and stayed for a period of time. Both of them became researchers of East Asian affairs.

Over the last sixty years, Professor Vogel frequently visited Asia and met all kinds of people and delivered lectures in both Chinese and Japanese.

His last book, “China and Japan: Facing History,” was published in 2019 at the age 89. His goal was to examine the 1,500-year tie between China and Japan and to try and improve relations between them.

Like many scholars, Professor Vogel was worried about the recent downward turn in relations between the U.S and China. But he still remained optimistic.

President–elect Biden will be in the White House in less than one month. We all hope the two world powers will get back to normal on the international stage and seek better solutions for both nations.

As we salute the late, great scholar, Professor Ezra F.Vogel, we will continue to look for peace and a better future for the world.