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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 02/11/2021

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 02/11/2021


今天是除夕,是子鼠年最後一天夜晚,也稱為歲除, 意指舊歲至此而除, 另換丑牛年之光臨,除夕也是除舊布新,闔家團圓,祭祀祖先的日子,漂泊在外的遊子也要趕著回家和家人團聚,在爆竹聲中除舊歲,煙花滿天中迎新春,這種習俗藴藏在千百年來我們炎黃子孫之心中。

不幸的是,新冠疫情非常慘酷的攻擊全球人類,數百萬寶貴生命因而喪生,世界各國因受病毒侵襲,可謂遍地哀鴻, 民不聊生,时至今日,疫情仍然無法制止,世界各國爭相取得疫苗,政客們也束手無策。

回顧我們華人移民海外的歷程,可說是一部可歌可泣的血淚史,尤其是近百年來, 由於貧窮 戰亂,多少人離家背井,遠走天下,可以說有陽光的地方就有我們的華僑。



Welcome Year Of The Metal Ox

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2021 is the Year of the Ox.

Last year 2020 was the Year of the Rat and because of the coronavirus pandemic, the whole world was in chaos. Millions of people lost their lives. Many tragic stories in our community.

In the Chinese zodiac, the ox is very hardworking and methodical. This year is going to be lucky and also a perfect time to focus on relationships with your friends and loved ones.

In the past few hundred years, China used to be a nation of poverty. Many Chinese went out to different parts of the world looking for opportunity. Today, Chinese immigrants are all over the globe. Most of them still observe the old tradition of celebrating the Lunar New Year. This is the time to remember our ancestors, and most importantly, to still consider ourselves as Chinese.

Because of the pandemic, this year we are celebrating the Lunar New Year virtually.

The 25th Annual Texas International Lunar Festival will be held tonight, Thursday, Feb. 11th from 6-10 pm. ( can watch it on STV 15.3 and on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms.