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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 06/26

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 06/26



這棟大樓曾經住有富有的白領年輕家庭及許多從東部到此退休人員這座廢墟如今面對著汪洋大海破壞的家俱和床單在空中還有火燭灰燼在空中傳播午夜還下了雨 上百名救災人物正在做最後努力 試圖找出還有的生還者



我們呼籲當地政府立即全面復查所有大樓之結構和地基 防止有類似慘劇再次上演

我們對於那些失去親友的人表示哀悼之意 也願那些往生者一路好走

更希望救難者繼續在努力搜救那些可能的失蹤者 我們感謝你們在萬般艱難之危險時刻, 來完成一項搜尋之神聖任務

Tragedy In The Tourist Paradise

The collapse of a Surfside condo complex just north of Miami Beach close to midnight on Thursday which landed on the ground like a pancake left at least four people dead with more than one hundred residents still missing.

Hundreds of firefighters and urban rescue squads were working on the scene. People don’t understand how the 40-year-old condo could have suddenly crumbled as its residents slept in their beds. The building was home to a mix of white collar and retired people.

President Biden said that he had spoken with local officials and FEMA was prepared to assist as needed. Biden said to the people of Florida that, “whatever help you want, the federal government can provide.”

The record shows that the condo was built in 1981 and CPI got it up-to-date on its required 40-year recertification. It was about to undergo extensive repairs for its rusted steel and damaged concrete. But it was too late.

We urge the federal government to take immediate action to check all the surrounding buildings to make sure their structures are in sound condition.

We are sending our deepest condolences to all the victims and their families and very much appreciate all the rescue teams that are doing a great job.