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美國新冠肺炎抗疫日記 2020年3月25日 ( 中英版)

美國新冠肺炎抗疫日記  2020年3月25日 ( 中英版)

 今天穿過休城華埠, 大道異常平靜 往常車水馬龍之擁擠已不再, 心情頓時有幾分淒涼。

市長特納已宣佈休斯敦從今天開始進入緊急狀態, 除了一些特定行業之外, 希望居民留在家中不能外出。

川晋總統偕同白宮防疫小組組長副總統彭斯在記者會上重申美國政府將盡全力挽救國家重大危機, 國會也通過二千億美元之特別預算 ,來拯救國家経濟以防可能之衰退。


“各位同仁暨工作夥伴: 大家早安, 今天我們決定繼續在新聞最前缐堅守崗位 並且調整各位工作時間以配合報紙出版及電視网站之播出。

市長已宣佈全體市民除了必要之購物之外必須留在家中, 但其中媒體行業例外, 我們已制定身份證明請各位隨身攜帶。

值此疫情加劇之時, 我們絕不能放棄新聞工作者之職責和使命, 無數讀者及觀眾無時無刻不在企盼更多更新的訊息 ,我們希望大家互相扶持和鼓勵, 猶如同一家人 一定會度過難關 ,迎接明天的曙光。


The World Has Changed

Today, as I drove down the streets of Houston’s Chinatown and the International District area, there were very few cars out bustling around and I suddenly felt a kind of deep sadness.

Mayor Turner announced on Tuesday that all Houstonians need to stay home starting at midnight, unless necessary and essential trips to markets, doctors, etc.

Today, I sent out a letter to all my colleagues and told them how important it is in this critical time to stand in the front lines to report the news so the community can understand the facts in this rapidly changing situation.

Congress has now already passed a two trillion dollars emergency fund to help all the citizens and businesses. This is a great help for all the American people, but we need to get people well and back to work.

We are urging all the people to stand united in this fight against this deadly virus.

God bless America.