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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 11/20

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 11/20

我見 我思 我聞


美中兩國元首高峰會之後兩國同意放寬雙方記者之簽证限制 去年被中國驱逐的三家美國媒體预料將可以回到中國工作 他們是在川时期因雙方關係惡化導致外交對抗之行動

包括華爾街日報》《華盛頓邮報紐約時報在疫情發生後遭到驅逐 華府為了報復 將駐在美國的中國記者簽證有效期限制在九十天內

根據新的規定 他們將可得到一年簽證 可以方便往來而不必擔心無法返回工作崗位

華爾街之銀行金融機構 一直渴望在中國大陸擴大業務 他們的願望終於達成 包括花旗集團已經在華開設託管業務 摩根大通得到許可可以完全在中國設立投資銀行和交易業務 此舉表明中國政府正在實施全面性的金融開放政策

我們願見中美雙方對新聞交流之再度開放 這代表著兩個國民更有機會相互了解 因為經交流是需要相互信息之互換

今天在互聯网無所不在的時代 媒體及新聞單位仍然掌握了信息之大部分來源 我們更寄望美國新聞單位駐在中國大陸之記者們 應該多加報導中國社會及人民的善良 進步溫馨的故事 美國人能更瞭解中國 這才是兩國人民所需要的資訊

我們今天必須承認中國和美國已經是G2 之兩大國之地位 如何相容相處才是世界人類之福

China And U.S. Ease Restrictions On Journalists’ Visas

The U.S. and China agreed to ease restrictions on foreign journalists operating in the two countries. Last year China expelled some American reporters during the Trump administration.

Under the agreement, three American news organizations including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post will be able to go back to China, but it is not clear whether specific reporters will be permitted to return to work there.

Earlier the U.S. had limited visas for Chinese reporters to 90 days, but they will now be renewed annually. Both sides agreed to allow reporters to come and go from countries without fear of losing the ability to return to work. Reporters for both countries will have to meet the standard eligibility requirement for visas under the laws of both countries.

This is a good sign for resolving some of the escalating tensions between the two countries. It also signals that the people will get more news and information from the news media.

We have to admit that China has now become a superpower. As a G2 member in the world, they have opened the door for American banks in July. Citigroup became the first foreign bank to win approval to open a custody business in China. JPMorgan Chase got permission from China to take full ownership of its investment banking and trading business there.

Today we need to have more good news reported to the people in both countries.

We are very happy that American reporters are going back to China. We want them to write more stories about the people’s stories to let the American people understand the Chinese better.

We now need a better future for the whole world.