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美國新冠肺炎抗疫日記 4/7/2020 美國挺住 世界加油

美國新冠肺炎抗疫日記 4/7/2020 美國挺住 世界加油

美國 世界加油


昨天在討論如何申報政府對小商業如何補助的視訊會議上,有哪個國家能撥出二萬億來救災,我們在美國是何等之幸運 ? 眾多之國會議員、市長 、州長及總統每天定期舉辦記者會告訴大家疫情發展, 白宮記者會上記者們每天和川普唇槍舌戰,指控總統救災不力 ,總統回應這家媒體記者服務單位專門報導假新聞,我們何其有幸能恭逢其盛。


我們希望大家每天聽聽白宮記者會,雖然總統之談話我們不能照單全收,但是川普總統談話中對國家充滿信心,疫情一過國家經濟會立即恢復,让我們共同高呼 :美國挺住, 世界加油!

        America’s Stake In the World -- Come On

Since early this year, the Coronavirus has broken out from Wuhan, China, and has  spread all over the world, including more than 200 countries.

Today, New York City and New York state have confirmed that cases are slowing down. New York Governor Cuomo is already talking about how to restart the economy in the near future.
 And right now here in Houston, we are sponsoring a webinar with the SBA and discussing how small businesses can get relief from the federal government.

 We should feel very fortunate to live in America where the U.S. congress and federal government is willing to spend 2 trillion dollars to rescue the economy. City mayors, state governors and the president -- all of them respond to the American people and report current and updated information on the situation.We are so lucky that this level of communication channels are open and allow us to have very transparent and useful information.

Even though we can’t agree on all that President Trump says in the news conferences, we cannot ignore his optimistic and strong attitude that gives our nation more confidence for America’s Stake In The World – Come On!