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美國新冠疫情日記05/25/2020 Ponder Over Memorial Day

美國新冠疫情日記05/25/2020 Ponder Over Memorial Day

Ponder Over Memorial Day

The New York Times published a list of hundreds of thousands of names who have lost their lives in this pandemic on their front page. Such a horrible feeling for all of us! How can this be happening in the richest country such as America? The people’s parents, brothers, sisters and all loved ones -- all have to live with, and bear such sadness and tragedy.

Today, as we are commemorating our war heroes, we also need to remember all those countrymen and women who have lost their lives in this coronavirus pandemic.

History is a mirror.  Most wars have been decided by politicians who served their selfish egos. But this pandemic depends on the ability of the leaders of the country to prevent the spread of a virus.

Our dear brothers and sisters, it has been more than three months that we have been facing the biggest challenge to our business and our livelihood  because of this pandemic. We have changed our lifestyle. We can’t stand by and see our dear families only take care of our loved ones.

From Arlington Military Cemetery to rest of the country, we are now hearing grief songs that are commemorating our many heroes. People living on this planet are deeply suffering from this coronavirus.

From the South China Sea, the Persian Gulf to South America -- the world is full of uncertainty.

We urge all our countrymen, brothers and sisters, please reach out a hand to your neighbors and your friends who need your help. We all need to join hand-in-hand. We all have learned from history, and in this pandemic, only real leaders can save our lives and the future of the nation.


今天的紐約時報頭版刊出了十萬人在新冠疫情中犧牲者,看了令人觸目驚心,這會發生在世界第一強國?這些失去生命的人更有無數的父母、子女及親友們生活在悲傷之中, 值此國殇紀念日,我們除了追念在戰場上犧牲的烈士們,也向因病毒感染而失去生命的同胞兄弟妹們致哀。


各位兄弟姐妹們,病毒襲擊我們已經超過叁個月了,我們眼看大家勤奮努力而創建的事業遭遇空前的困難,居家令及對毒病傳染之恐懼讓大家失去自由,親好友也無法聚集,需要照顧的年長父母及留在家中學習之孩子, 改變了我們生活方式。


從波斯灣、中南美洲 、北韓 、南海 ,大國們正在枕戈待旦, 我們擔心另一場武裝沖突將會發生。