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The People’s Cry Of Pain

The body of George Floyd will be flown back to his hometown of Houston, Texas. His funeral will be held next week on June 8. The pain of all people is still spread around the whole nation. This afternoon Houston will host another demonstration downtown. The police are advising businesses to close their stores to avoid any possible unrest.

President Trump walked to St. John’s Church in Washington DC this morning holding a Bible for a photo op. He also suggested that, “If the cities or states refuse to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residences, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.”

In the past week, at least 40 cities imposed curfews and members of the National Guard have been activated in at least 23 states and Washington DC. Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms said she feels helpless and angry.

Today, the United States of America is really facing the biggest challenge in the modern time. We already have lost more than one hundred thousand lives in the coronavirus pandemic and forty million people have lost their jobs. Most of them are working class people, especially African and minority groups. This is such a sad time. All of the state and community leaders need to work together to rescue our nation.


被警察虐死的黑人男子佛洛伊德遺體將于近期回到他的家鄉德州休斯敦,葬禮已安排在六月八日舉行, 警方同時通知市民,一項大型遊行今午叁時在市中心展開並奉勸市區商家在一點前關閉以防止被破壞。

川普總統在嚴密之戒備下,今天上午從白宮走到對街的聖約翰教堂,並在媒體前高舉聖經,他昨天在和州長之視訊會議中極力主張以武力來制止暴亂,必要時他們將動用美軍來爲地方拯救治安, 五角大廈對川普之行動表示非常的擔憂。

近一週來全國各地及歐洲各國支持反對警察暴力之示威還在不斷進行, 各大城市的商家被暴民洗劫搶奪,大街上一片狼藉,連明尼阿波羅市警察局也被人縦火燒了,紐約及洛杉矶昨晚實施了近年來最嚴厲的戒嚴令, 亞大蘭大女市長表示她真的非常無助和憤怒。

美利堅共和國真的生病了,我們目睹新冠病毒在這塊土地上造成了上十萬人喪失寶貴之生命, 四千萬失業大軍,多半是勞工階級之非裔及少數族裔,加上警察殘暴行徑,這股怒氣引起之民怨和人民之呐喊是必然的。



全國及各地方有識之士,這是大家應該勇敢站起來的時候了,這場曆史性之戰疫是我們生存之戰, 也是爲國家靈魂精神而戰。

民主黨總統候選人拜登今天在費城說, 今天我們是爲整個國家之靈魂及精神而戰。