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Celebrating July 4

We Need To Change

President Trump stood in front of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota for an Independence Day celebration and said, “a new far-left fascism” is seeking to wipe out the nation’s values and history. Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children.

On July 4, 1776, Congress voted to accept the Declaration of Independence making July 4 Independence Day. In almost two hundred and fifty years, the United States of America became the strongest nation in the world

When we look back at history in the early stages, European immigrants arrived on the American continent to settle down and build the country. Later on, people from all over the world came to this land to seek a new life. This great nation was built by immigrants. We were so fortunate that the world wars never came to our land and that we have been able to build a strong country in less than three hundred years.

Unfortunately today, because of the coronavirus pandemic and racial issues, we are facing the biggest challenges for our future.

In such a difficult time, all of us need to work together to save our nation and not divide our nation.

May God Bless America!



川普總統昨天在南達科大州拉什莫爾總統山發表了熱情漾溢的演說,在六千多未戴口罩之支持者大聲鼓掌聲中,他展開全力攻擊參加示威及破壞銅像的人士是極左派法西斯份子, 他誓言發佈行政命令保護這些建國先烈的塑像。

美國自一七七六年建國迄今, 不過二百四十四年,早年從歐洲非洲來到新大陸的首代移民,他們勇于開拓之精神,爲美利堅共和國奠立堅實之基礎,原住民印第安人已在此居住了數千年,1607 年英國人在維吉尼亞州落地, 包拓西班牙、法國 、荷蘭人也先後到了美洲大陸,由于一七七五年和英國人之戰役勝利,于一七七六年七月四日起草美國憲法並宣布獨立。

美國憲法之主要精神在于民治、民有、民享之基礎上,回顧過去二百多年來,多少來自世界各地的移民, 他們前仆後繼來到新大陸是爲了追求新的生活,許多來自世界戰亂貧苦地區,他們在母國看不到希望,我們非常幸運,二次世界大戰戰火都未曾波及美國本土, 美洲大陸天然資源豐富, 加上世界各地精英不斷移居, 在短短二百五十年我們就成爲世界第一強國。

不幸的是,近半年來新冠病毒之攻擊, 種族問題之嚴重 ,我們正遭受前所未有之挑戰。

值此艱難時刻, 但願天佑美國!