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It’s Hard For Ethnic Groups To Tear The Country Apart

Republican Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp announced yesterday that the state is under an emergency and ordered 1,000 national guard troops to move into the Atlanta area to police and secure the city.

 Over the past weekend in July, the city of Atlanta had more than 26 shootings which left several in the hospital and an 8-year old girl dead.

 Mayor Bottoms said later at a news conference that we need to accused the people involved in the shootings and make it clear that they are shooting at each other and that it had nothing to do with the police department.

 With the coronavirus still spreading across most of the country, Dr. Antony Fauci warned the nation that if we don’t have an effective way to control the virus, we will be facing even more serious consequences in the near future.

 We feel much regret that the Texas Republican Party of Texas delegates will have 7,000 people come to Houston to host their convention at the George R. Brown Convention Center. Houston  Mayor Sylvester Turner and many civic leaders are against it. This gathering will set a very bad example for the rest of country.

 We are deeply concerned what President Trump recently said in a speech and what he said about gathering in big crowds without wearing masks. We do not understand why in this pandemic the president doesn’t even follow the CDC rules.

 Today we are not only facing the worst economy in recent history, we are also deeply divided as a nation. If we don’t have the right leadership, the society will be torn down, and then where is our future?

    族群撕裂 國家之難


上週末,該市發生了二十六起槍殺案,其中一名年僅八歲的女童也被無辜殺害 ,市長波登事發後的記者會上非常激動地說 :“你們這些槍殺案全是自己互相殘殺,和警察亳無关联。”


川普總統身為國家領導人及世界霸主,最近一年來他的推持、演說、群眾大會不斷發表種族分裂之言论,也不遵守公衛專家之規定, 如果總統都如此任性,平民老百姓更可以為所欲為了。

今天我們國家所面臨的不止是表面上的疫情及經濟之衰退,主要還是族群造成之社會問題,如果領導國家的統治階層被一批歧視族裔的人在主導,我們就無法和諧共處 ,社會撕裂, 國家前途堪慮, 請大家共同深思。