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This Is The Time To Speak Out

The Presidential election is coming close. We as the most powerful country in the world will chose whoever will be the next U.S. president, not only for our nation, but also a leader who will relate to the future of the world. No matter who you like or not, the military and political power will still control the politics of the world.

My dear brothers and sisters, this is the time we need to speak out especially in our immigrant community. We really do not care which party is in power or who is the president, because we care about our own livelihoods. But now, all of us are facing big challenges.

When the coronavirus pandemic attacked us six months ago, we thought we could overcome the crisis, but until today we are out of control. We can’t even agree on whether we should we wear masks or not. Even the Federal and State governments can’t even agree on this.

Our immigration policy is changing to close our door. The government is trying to ban more foreign students coming to study in the U.S., while also at the same time we are refusing to let the talented students stay in America.

Our foreign policy is also changing. From the President to the Secretary of State to the Secretary of Defense, all have issued very strong statements challenging China in the South China Sea. This could create the chance that we could go to war.

This is the time that both political parties in the U.S. will hold their conventions to nominate their respective presidential candidates. We urge both parties to spell out exactly what their immigration and foreign policies will be in the future.

For sure, we don’t want war. We want peace.


總統大選的日子漸漸逼近了 世界第一強國由何人入主白宮事實上是今後世界前途之所系,不管你喜不喜歡強權軍事及濟實力將決定全球之命運。

各位弟兄姐妹們這是我們大家要發聲的時候了尤其是在移民社區過去由于我們對政治之泠漠不管誰來做總統一樣過日子做生意, 但是我們目前的處境可說是人人自危了。


我們的移民政策在民粹主義之猖狂下在激烈轉變中尤其對我們移民社區影響最大親友團聚、 國外留學生及優秀人才之留用對我們絕對不利。

我們的外交經貿政策 上自總統到國務卿國防部長及檢察總長近週來都發表了激烈言論並可能在南海及台海和中國大陸掀起戰火。

民主共和兩黨下月即將召開各黨之總統候選人提名大會我們要積極呼籲兩黨在政綱中表明對移、 外交政策之立場。

這是我們大家共同表達意見的時候了你捐款給總統候選人投下自己神聖的一票 事關我們自己及國家甚至世界之命運。