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It is A Horrible Video Picture

In Aurora, Colorado, police ordered a family of four children at gunpoint to lie facedown on the ground in a parking lot while they handcuffed two of them. The black girls, who ranged from 6 to 17 years old, broke down into tears as a group of white police officers hovered over them. Police officials said that the officers may have mixed up the family’s license plate number as being a car that was reported stolen, but it had been confused with a motorcycle from Montana.

The interim police chief later publicly apologized to the family and offered age-appropriate therapy to the children involved in the incident.

When we watched the video of this police brutality case, we were so angry and felt very frustrated.

Just in the last six months there have been so many cases of police mistreatment and abuse against African Americans linked to so many protest demonstrations and so much related violence all over the nation. We very much regret that the government needs to use the army to protect the federal government buildings. This was a very unusual action to take.

In the United States we have very serious social issues. The poor communities are getting poorer. On the Native American Indian reservations, even today, one out of three families are still without running water.

We claim that we are the richest country and the most powerful nation in the world. This is so shameful.


柯羅拉多州歐羅拉市警察昨天把一家非裔家庭因怀疑乘座的車輛是偷竊來的,把一家四人全部用手銬壓在地上,其中還有一位六歲女孩童,這張令人忿怒的照片,被路人拍下後廣傳全國,立即引起全世界的重視, 這種虐待行徑再度上演,這就是我們所說的人權嗎 ?



今天我們號稱世界上最富有最尊重人權自由之國家,如果大家看看我們每天在週遭發生的暴力事件, 看看那些連自來水都短缺的印弟安人我們還不汗顏,而歉疚嗎 ?