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       The 2020 Republican Convention Opens Today


The 2020 Republican National Convention will get underway today with four days of events that will see the party formally renominate President Donald Trump while navigating a mix of virtual and in-person events due to the coronavirus pandemic.

 Trump senior advisor Jason Miller said in an interview that the RNC will rely heavily on Trump’s accomplishments over his first four years and will lay out the vision of the administration for the next term.

 South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley and other politicians are scheduled to make speeches tonight.

 Trump will accept the Republican nomination at the White House after scrapping his plan to deliver his speech in Charlotte, North Carolina. 336 RNC delegates will get together and will formally nominate the 2020 Republican presidential and vice presidential nominees.

 The coronavirus pandemic attacked us almost one-half year ago and we still cannot see how we can control the virus. Many people are still losing their lives every day and the students still can’t go back to school safely. Many businesses have closed down and many have lost their lifetime savings.

 We are very happy to see that both political parties are having their conventions right on schedule. The election is coming and as for the people who will vote for the candidates, it will be a turning point for our nation.


提名川普連任總統的共和党大會今天將在北卡羅納州霞羅市揭幕,由于疫情原因 ,除了少數工作人員外,將以視訊方式進行。

共和黨大會之主旨是“向偉大的國民致敬”,其中將有數十位共和黨人士連番上陣,三百三十六位黨代表將集中在霞羅市唱名正式提名川普及彭斯為共和 黨總统暨副總統候選人。

今天在大會上以視訊方式演說者將有南卡羅納州州長史格,前駐聯合國大使海莉及川普長子小川普等,川普總統及第一夫人都將在白宮發表演說, 民主党人指称是假公濟私, 但川普仍然堅持已見。

對許多平民百姓而言,共和黨之大會及決策事關全國人民之福祉, 不管大會如何造勢, 請多少人登台講些感人之故事, 未必可以解決我們面臨之窘境。

半年已經過去,新冠疫情持續擴散,死亡人數還在不斷增加, 許多企業己关門大吉 ,學生上課再度引起人傳人, 航空及旅館業更是哀鴻遍野, 一蹶不振,我們看不出對拯救疫情之迫切心情。

今天我們面臨四大危機,首先是疫情猖獗如何尽快解決, 種族歧視之巨大沖擊,經濟凋謝影響社會穩定,尽快重啟學校教育, 國際外交政策之方向。

民主共和兩黨之競爭白熱化是指日可待, 兩黨侯選人必須對選民做明確交待, 所幸離大選日子已經不遠了。