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美国新冠疫情日记 09/14

美国新冠疫情日记 09/14

             Orange Skies Hang Over Western States

Wildfires are burning millions of acres and destroying homes and entire towns in Oregon, California and Washington states. The fires have killed at least 33 people and dozens more are missing.

Governor Brown of Oregon said he is preparing for a mass fatality event and has declared a state of emergency. More than 40,000 residents have fled their homes.

The fires have blanketed the west coast with smoke and have created air pollution in some cities that is now among the worst in the world.

In California more than three million acres have burned which is a record in the state’s history.

Governor Newsom said that what we’re experiencing right here is coming to communities all across the United States of America unless we get out and act together on climate change.

President Trump will visit California again today. He has previously questioned the idea that humans cause climate change, and backing up his claim, he pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Washington state Governor Jay Inslee said we should called the fires “climate fires” and not “wild fires.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has all ready sent 50 fire trucks and 190 additional firefighters to California.

This is a real tragedy for the people on the west coast, especially because we are still facing the coronavirus pandemic. Today, if you look at the sky in the San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge area, it is all under an orange haze from the wildfire smoke. People say that when they wake up in the morning, they can’t tell whether it is still night or daybreak.

It’s happening all over California -- the golden state is either burning or baking in the middle of a plague and social unrest. There has never been a summer like this.

            野火燎原 烧毁家园

兇猛的野火上週来正在席捲美国西部、加州 俄里岗州及华盛顿州 至少己有三十三人丧生还有无数失踪者。

里岗州长布朗已经宣布全州进入紧急状态,已做最坏的打算 该州已经有四万居民被迫离开家园。

在加州已有三百万亩森林遭融火之灾, 州长纽森认為起火原因是因為气候变迁所造成的, 旧金山这座美丽城市已经笼罩在一片暗红色空气之中 这是加州有史以来最严重的森林火灾。

川普总统在视察灾情时仍然指责州政府在清理森林之工作做得不够, 因而容易引起火灾。



美国退出了巴黎气候协议全球在遭到暖化之袭击这是造成火灾之部分原因 面对人类未来之共同存亡问题 我们能独善其身吗