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Texas Hotels ‘Bloodbath’

A new report indicates that Texas hotel occupancies, including Houston, were down 61.1% for the second quarter of 2020 compared with last year. This is the worst hotel season in recent history.

Accordingly, the banking industry predicts that in the first quarter of next year a lot of hotels and motels will be on the market.

In the last half century a lot of Asians, especially Indian and Chinese, got into the hotel business and they now have ownership of almost fifty percent of the hotels nationwide.

Simply put, the hotel business is very suitable for a family operation. They don’t have too much overhead and only a few people are needed to run a motel very easily. Then after few years, they can sell the business for big profit.

Since the coronavirus pandemic has attacked, the airlines and hotels have lost most of their business. They can’t afford to continue making payments and after a few months they will be foreclosed by the bank.

President Trump says that the vaccine will be here very soon. We all hope this will be the time we will see the hotel and airlines industries come back.


根据位於德州圣安东尼旅馆业之调查报告德州旅馆今年到六月底之住房率和2019 年比较下降了百分之六十一点六是近年来遇到最糟的一年 旅馆业者急盼政府再伸出援手来解救业者之困境。


近年来经营旅馆是亚裔主要之行业之一, 尤其是印度裔及华裔几乎是百分之五十之佔有率主要原因是许多小型客栈旅馆非常适合家庭经营,只要雇用几位工人就可以营运不到几年转手即可得到丰厚之利润比起其他工作之待遇真是一项高回报率之投资。


目前看来疫情仍然无法控制, 疫苗也正在努力之中我们的问题有赖於疫苗来拯救患者也才能让消费者恢復信心旅馆航空业才可能重见天日。