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美国新冠疫情日记 10/07

美国新冠疫情日记 10/07

Chinese American Pioneer Uncle Art Ping Lee

Uncle Art Ping Lee was laid to rest in peace last week in Washington, DC. He was born in 1914 and has lived to the age of over one hundred years and he is a true pioneer in our community. He was the founder of the America Lee’s Family Association and the An Leung Association and was a leader in the promotion of our civil rights in America.

In the early 1970’s when I arrived in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to edit Lee’s monthly newspaper and I knew all of the Lee elders and leaders in San Francisco, Washington, DC, New York, Los Angeles and all the major cities because I was his editor who reported and wrote the news for all of them.

In the late 1980’s, my brother Dan and I went to DC on a snowy day and we met with my classmate CC Hu in Chinatown. He asked us, “what are you guys doing here?”

We replied that we wanted to publish a weekly newspaper here and he was so surprised. From his expression, you knew he thought it was mission impossible. We then went to visit Uncle Lee at the Chung Hwa Association. He greeted us with a warm welcome and introduced us to Mr. Chow who later became our community reporter. Because of Uncle Lee’s support, we were able to expand our connections and we gradually started to publish a weekly paper in Washington, DC.

About five years ago, Uncle Lee came to Houston to visit. We hosted his one hundred year birthday party at our Houston headquarters. Many of our friends got together to cut the cake and enjoyed the party.

Speaking to all the guests, I said, “I just want to express my appreciation to Uncle Art Ping Lee again and again. Because of your guidance and assistance, we were able to start our journey in the nation’s capital.”

Uncle Lee, you have fully enjoyed your life because your kindness and contribution will always be remembered by all of us. Please Rest In Peace.

By Wea H. Lee

Republic of Guinea Honorary Consul of Houston, Texas


            --- 悼念达平叔

值此全美各地正是疫情隂影笼罩之时从华府传来李公达平叔仙逝之恶耗, 闻讯后心情隐痛万分。 生於一九一四年的达平叔,享寿已逾百岁早年从乡下台山移民美国成立华人福利会及美国李氏公所, 為乡亲及侨胞争取福利, 经常奔走东西两岸并在首都华盛顿再创中华会馆、安良工商会及美京洪门致公堂等重要社团是位美国传统侨社之重要精神领袖。

七十年代初,我刚抵旧金山,在都板街的李氏公所四楼為全美李氏公所创办了李氏月报,和宗亲们结下不解之缘, 遍佈在全美各地,包括纽约旧金山华府洛杉磯等各大城市之元老, 总长及主席都曾在我编撰的李氏月报上出现过。

八十年代末, 我和舍弟着华出征首都华盛顿在一个严寒飘雪的上午我们在华盛顿中国城巧遇中央社驻美特派员胡宗驹学长他看见我们手中捧着的报纸感到非常託异我告诉宗驹兄是到华府来办报的从他的表情可以看出这是项不可能的仼务我们道别之后立即到街的中华公所去拜访李公达平叔他非常高兴我们的来访并立即介绍公所秘书周连超先生相识并在他不远的餐厅為我们接风并对我们长征美国首都之豪情表示支持和鼓励, 在这陌生的城市一直是达平叔之指引及周连超不断提供的侨社活动新闻让我们在此紥根成长。



李蔚华  ( 几内亚共和国驻休斯敦名誉总领事/   美南传媒集团 主席)