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美国新冠疫情日记 10/26

美国新冠疫情日记 10/26

This Is The Time We Need To Be United

We were so glad that many politicians attended the rally last Saturday at the Southern News compound. The group came together to show our united effort for the upcoming presidential election.

Along with the AAPI Asian American and Pacific Islanders Group, we celebrated the differences and uniqueness that make up our diverse community.

In this important election so many issues are related to our communities, not only the coronavirus pandemic attacking and ruining our businesses and our brothers’ and sisters’ lives. The U.S. immigration policy also directly influences our families, especially because we have a lot of new immigrant families now and many talented international students who will have much less opportunities to stay in America after they finish their studies.

We are in agreement that we want to “make America great again.” Actually, we are still the number one strongest nation in the world. But if we keep withdrawing from international organization, we will only damage our relationships with our allies and the rest of the world.

Today we are still not seeing any plan from the government to fight the pandemic. Too often now, we are watching many people’s loved ones lose their live. This is such a shame. This is a tragedy for all of us.

Unless we can rescue the millions of our own citizens, nothing could change our minds more than to vote for better leadership for our nation.


大选日子在即美国政坛一团混乱民主共和两党正在对选民做最后之呼唤, 争取他们的选票。

我们非常高兴看到上週六民主党籍参加公职竞选的候选人聚集在美南新闻广场前, 向选民宣誓今年在选举中获胜的决心。

来自华亚裔及太平洋群岛族群的各界代表在会上发出了紧急呼吁,当新冠病毒继续在侵袭我们社区时数以万计的中小企业被迫关闭,每天仍然有超过七万名确诊人数死亡者已经超过二十二万 她们是我们的兄弟姐妹 父母或亲友, 那些政客仍然视若无睹不愿戴上口罩。

我们对目前政府的移民政策也表示高度不满, 尤其是我们社区许多来自移民家庭, 他们在申报亲友来美团聚的手续和名额都变得更加困难对於前来美国留学的各国学生 政府也采取不再欢迎的态度让成千上万的人才再也无法留在美国。

我们是领导世界的强国 过去许多年来不断退出各种国际组织 把美国推向孤立 这就是我们的外交政策吗?

今天我们再次呼吁, 这是我们应该团结的时刻了, 选票就在我们手中我们就是国家的主人翁。

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