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美国新冠疫情日记 11/03

美国新冠疫情日记 11/03

      Today Is Showdown Time

For almost all of the last two years, the people of America and all around the world have been really concerned about our presidential election. Finally, today is the showdown time.

Our news team along with many scholars and community leaders will get together tonight to discuss the outcome of the election.

In the past one hundred years, because the United States is the strongest world leader, our influence spreads into many fields including the democratic political system and we want many countries to follow our lead.

Tonight the final counting of the ballots will show who will be the winner for president. This election year has been very unusual. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, most of the voters needed to cast their votes early or through the mail.

We as the Asian American community understand that many federal government policies are directly related to our lives, especially in the areas of immigration, education and social welfare. Most people who came to this country were looking for an opportunity and not for a handout.

We are so glad that these political games are over and whoever becomes our next president will unite us as a nation and not divide us.

I really appreciate our news team and the many guests who will join us tonight. Your comments and attendance will be highly appreciated by us as well as by the many in the audience from all around the globe.


近两年来世界及美国人民不断高度关注美国总统大选, 今晚总算是大戱收场,到底谁将入主白宫也将揭晓。


过去近百年以来美国在领导世界其影响力无所不在尤其是大力在全球推动民主制度及经济文化, 今天我们正是要以民主投票方式选出国家领导人也更需要作為世界民主制度之典范。

由于疫情之不断猖狂今天前已经有半数以上选民投了票由於开票时间需要延长, 可能无法在今晚决定胜负。

我要再次深深感谢今晚出席我们总统大选讨论的嘉宾更希望大家能在这块土地上相互扶持, 共创未来美好的前途。

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