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We Are Helpless Now

Today California became the second state to reach one million COVID-19 cases following Texas.

The new forecast showed that cities in California will have significant case growth into mid-December.

Official COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the nation are piling up at record rates and many experts fear daily deaths will soon follow.

The mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot issued a stay at home advisory encouraging residents to stay at home and only leave for school, work or other essential needs.

We are marking the ninth straight day the U.S. has topped over 100,000 daily infections with a new record of 140,000 cases being set. Nearly 1,900 people died on Wednesday.

Facing the national crisis, President-elect Joe Biden is moving forward with his transition plan and named long-time aide Ron Klain as White House chief of staff. Biden said, “His deep, varied experience and capacity to work with people all across the political spectrum is precisely what I need in the White House.”

In the meantime, Trump administration officials are underway to six battleground states that Democratic president-elect Joe Biden won closely.

It is so sad when we watch so many more lives being lost in recent days, yet the political fighting still goes on in D.C.

We are urging all people to go back to your neighbors or to your community and help those people who are really struggling.



新冠疫情目前确诊及死亡人数在全国再创新高, 芝加哥及休士顿已经呼吁市民不要外出除了上学上班及工作等特殊情况之外,希望大家留在家中这是九天来连续确诊人数每天都在十万人以上。

当疫情进入紧急状态时, 拜登总统当选人今天任命他原来做资深顾问克莱為将来白宫总管家他盛讚克莱是极有协调能力的最佳人选。

在此同时川普总统正在猛烈地在六大州展开法律攻防战, 希望能找到失去的总统宝座。

我们的国家正遭受严重的疫情挑战, 但是华府的政治大戏还在上演, 什麼民间疾苦早已抛在脑后, 我们看不到任何具体政府施政我们这些平民百姓只是无语问苍天了。