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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 01/ 11

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 01/ 11

我见 我闻 我思

总统先生 这种下场值得吗?

忠於川普的一群暴徒週三发动向国会大厦之攻击, 造成五人死亡之悲剧, 虽然总统稍后也发表了谴责暴行之声明, 这场悲剧不就是他教唆和希望的场景吗这是多么令人讽剌和可笑的事情呢?

事发之后 在巴黎法国总统马克宏站在美国星条旗前以英语说我们相信我们民主制度之力量 我们相信美国民主制度的力量。” 德国总理梅克尔感到愤怒和悲伤 她把袭击国会大厦事件毫不含糊地帰咎於川普, 此事件正充分说明西方世界对美国民主脆弱的担忧。

虽然在事发后的五小时参眾两院继续完成了拜登总统选举人票之确定工作 但是国会山庄上演过的悚动画面已触痛了美国及西方社会的痛处。

川普在任近四年他以一个商人及局外人之身份直捣世界政治中心的华盛顿, 他以美国优先,美国第一非传统之手段来向世界挑战, 他不断对民主法治公平选举进行挑战 即便是在总统大选之前, 他就撂话说可能不承认大选结果, 如果他输了的话, 这简直让人难予相信此话出自於美国总统之口。

果真让他言中, 大选过后他就立即告诉支持者, 这是一次我们被骗的大选 从社群媒体及群眾大会不断指称这是一场舞弊之大选 虽然他史无前例的拒绝接受败选, 最令人不耻的是近三分之二的眾议员及数位参议员也加入了行列。

今天在眾议院将加紧对川普之弹劾案, 也同时希望副总统彭思动用宪法第二十五临时条款把川普拉下台, 但是成功的可能性非常小。

攻击国会大厦之后, 可以想像川普即便走出白宫 他也不可能罢休, 尤其是死忠支持他的川粉, 据说还要在元月十七日捲土重来。

政治观察家们怀疑, 当天在国会驻守的警卫有放水之疑,為何万人之警卫如此不堪一击。

全国社群媒体已经把川普下架, 禁止他再发表煽动言论, 违害国家安全。

我们要问 川普总统你的行為值得吗 ?

Is This Worth It, Mr. President?

After the roils on Capitol Hill, last Wednesday President Macron of France, standing in front of an American flag declared in English that, “We believe in the strength of our democracies. We believe in the strength of American democracy.” 

It was also clearly indicated that the mob of Trump loyalists in Washington, attempting to disrupt the peaceful transition of American power, also posed a threat to all democracies.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was angry and sad. She also blamed President Trump.                                                                                                                      

“I deeply regret that since November, President Trump has not accepted that he lost, and did not do so again yesterday,” Ms. Merkel said. “He stoked uncertainties about the election outcome, and that created an atmosphere that made the events of last night possible.”

When the whole world was watching, armed protesters forced their way into the U.S. Capitol. If this can happen in the United States, it can happen anywhere. This is not merely a U.S. issue. It also shakes up the world and the rest of the democratic nations.

A peaceful transfer of power is the cornerstone of every democracy. This lesson was taught to the world by the U.S. today. It is a disgrace that Donald Trump has undermined  the peaceful transfer of power by inciting violence and destruction.

On Capitol Hill, Democrats are prepared to move forward with impeaching Trump over his role in last week’s deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol if he doesn’t resign. The plan is to send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate to delay the trial until after the early days of the Biden presidency to prevent Trump from holding office again.

Now that the Electoral vote count has been completed, Joe Biden is due to take the oath of office as president on January 20th, but Trump followers will not give up on their actions to disrupt the inauguration.

Now, in the wake of the violence at the Capitol and Mr. Trump’s increasing isolation within his own party and social media platforms, a path forward may be to sympathize with the grievances of the Trump-loving audience that will finally have to acknowledge its leader has fallen. 

Today our nation is still facing a very serious challenge. When the Biden administration comes to power, we don’t believe that Trump will give up his power ambitions.

                                                                                                                                           These are very sad days for all of us. Mr. President, is all this worth it for you?