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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 05/08

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 05/08

我见 我思 我闻



当我懂事时我和家人是生活在一个偏远的中缅小镇上我总记得在没有水和电的落后鄕镇上, 对於一位年轻又曾在家乡执教的音乐老师而言,她在一㘯巨大的变局中而成了流浪天涯的游客我总是看见她挑水做饭和在孤灯下缝补旧衣的身影但是我的母亲她从未透露或讲述她的过去总算在她离开家乡二十五年后我们陪她回到了她童年时的故乡当大批亲友好友们共聚在外婆家诺大的古宅前许多早已年过古稀的乡亲们大声欢呼说: “赵老师回来了 我第一次看到母亲在带有骄傲的笑容中留下了热泪在无情的坎坷岁月中她当年神彩飞掦的少女岁月和容顏早已不在但她那股能屈能伸的坚韧精神让我对她无比敬佩和感动。






~ Our Mom ~

Celebrating Mother's Day

Almost five years ago our mom passed away in Washington, D.C. When we are here celebrating Mother's Day without her, we feel a kind of sadness and still remember her every day.

When I was a teenager our family lived in a small town nearby the China and Burma border. This poor town had no water and no electricity. I remember mom was the one who went to the water well and got water and cooked a meal for the whole family. When she was a young adult mom was a music teacher in her hometown. Almost twenty-five years later I was with my mom when we visited her hometown again. A lot of people still called out, “our teacher is coming back!” Suddenly I saw tears come rolling down her cheeks, but with a very proud smile. Mom had never told us about her teaching career before.

After a long journey, we finally came to America. Mom spent a lot of time with my sisters in Dallas and Washington D.C. Every time when I visited her she prepared a home-cooked meal and always played a flute to entertain the whole family. She loved music and became a music teacher.

In the past several years mom spent a very joyful time with the whole family. She always would tell us that we needed to fight for our future. As an old saying goes, “When you see the mountain, we need to open the road. When you see the water, you need to build a bridge.”

We are so very proud that we had such a wonderful mom to set the example for our future.

Today we all celebrate Mother's Day. Everybody has their own story about their mother. We all should feel they are the greatest.