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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 06/21

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 06/21

我见 我思 我闻


----- 写在2021 年父亲节




父母亲在战乱中生长,是最不幸的一代, 当他们生活在异域他郷时,生活的挑战已经耗尽了年轻的黄金岁月,父亲早年最大的精神享受就是晚上在微灯下阅读当天的报纸,他关心家乡和世界上当天发生的大小事,从我有记忆时,总是依附在父亲身后,和父亲共读报纸,在我幼小的心灵中,和新闻媒体结下不解之缘,直到我在大学时期就在新闻平台上开始了我媒体工作者

的第一步,每当我们父子在台北车站相互道别时,他还经常提起我孩童时和他争看报纸的往事,父亲年轻时的凌云壮志,在现实的环境下使他感到无力和颓丧,这份「怀才不遇」的失落 ,他唯有寄望下一代来圆梦。

数十载的崢嶸岁月,我们不负父亲的期望,总是在最艰困时刻,以见山开路,见水搭桥的勇气 接受挑战,我们為海外华文媒体写下了歷史的篇章。




2021 620日父亲节


Remembering Father’s Encouragement

Dad, you were like a light in the darkness. You laid out the strong road ahead to let us fight for our lives.

That was a dark evening when my flight arrived at Taipei Airport from San Francisco. I rushed to the hospital to try to meet my father. I took a lot of letters he wrote to me. He felt I was coming back. That was the last time I saw my father.

Today is Father’s Day. I passed by my office where hanging on the wall is the calligraphy written by him. Especially today, I felt I heard his voice and encouragement.

My parents spent their their young adult time during the war time. I still remember my dad’s only hobby and good time was reading the daily newspaper at night time. When I was still a kid I always slept by him to “share” the news and ask him some questions about the local news and news of the world. Most of the time I could not understand until I fell asleep. Up until I was in college and got a job at a local radio station, every time my dad met with me, he always remembered my habit of reading the newspaper with him

My dad never really reached his goal in life and he felt very depressed in his final days.

Fortunately, we can continue his vision to build a media business in America.

A couple of months ago our daughter Margaret and son-in-law Jack brought us a pair of Rolex watches. On today’s Father’s Day she brought me a summer pair of socks and we felt such joy and happiness.

We remembered when Margaret was just four or five years old when she always tried to help us to put the inserts into the newspapers. After she graduated from Columbia University and Texas Medical School, she became a very outstanding physician. Her patients always told me that Dr. Lee is such a friendly doctor and always treats everyone like members of their family.

Today, when all of us are remembering our fathers, the voices of our loved ones who have gone from the world sometime come back to us as if in a trance. The voices and teachings of our fathers will always be in our hearts.