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美国新冠疫情日记5/14/2020 救急不救穷

美国新冠疫情日记5/14/2020  救急不救穷




现在已经有三千多万人失去工作,失业率已逼近百分之二十,向政府申请救济金的国民每天在大排长龙,许多中产阶级家庭都面临无法缴纳房贷及房租之窘境,全国各地排队领取的人不断增加,强大富有的美利坚何以沦此困境 ?

今天我们的处境还是要回到联邦中央政府和地方州政府之协调合作问题,由于政党政治之严重分歧,在执政之州政府中,共和及民主两党之州长在施政上各有主张,共和党主张小政府私人企业来主导经济, 民主党希望大政府多照顾弱势族群,从此次新冠病毒疫情看来,受害者多半是贫穷阶层。


Help The Starving But Not The Poor

The Democrats proposed $3 trillion corona relief bill will go to Congress for a vote today. This funding will go to state and local governments and add additional direct stimulus payments for Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Democrats have proposed various bills that would see qualified U.S. citizens receive $2,000 a month, while rent and mortgage payments would be cancelled during the coronavirus crisis.

This package is the largest amount for relief for citizens in U.S. history. Today, more than thirty thousand people are out of work with an unemployment rate that has almost hit twenty percent. We have seen the long lines at local unemployment offices and food banks across the country. Many families can’t even make their rent payments. Why are we, as the richest country in the world, faced with such staggering difficulty?

Our basic issue will have to go back to federal and local government. At the state level, Democrat and Republican governors have very different ways to run the government. Most Republicans want more private enterprise with less government regulation. But Democrats want to help more people get government benefits, like Medicare and Social Security.

This country has been leading the world in the last century. But now, the capitalist economic system needs to be modified to keep our economy going.

We can help the starving, but not the poor.