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美国新冠疫情日记5/22/2020 Sadness Of Memorial Day

美国新冠疫情日记5/22/2020  Sadness Of Memorial Day

Sadness Of Memorial Day

As we commemorate our soldiers who have lost their lives on the upcoming national Memorial Day, we are still battling another enemy, the invisible coronavirus pandemic war.

When President Trump visited the Ford Motor Company plant in Michigan yesterday, he didn’t wear a mask at the plant. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said the President is incredibly disrespectful to the citizens of Michigan and we no longer welcome him to come to our state. She said that we hope that we will have a new president soon enough who does respect people more than this president does.

The presidential election is starting across the nation today. According to the newest poll, President Trump is behind Joe Biden. Both parties are struggling to gain votes in key states such as Michigan and Ohio. Because of political reasons, the candidates will use every possible way to win.

We are so disappointed in our country where men and women are still suffering the devastation of the pandemic and fighting every day for their lives. We need real leaders to lead the country out of the woods of despair.



川普总统昨天在参观密西根州福特厂时在公开场合只有他自己未戴口罩该州捡察总长尼沙公开表示,由于总统不尊重密西根之法律及人民他已被列为不受欢迎的人物她说依照州法规定所有州民在室内必须戴口罩。” 她也准备向福特公司查询为何总统在汽车工厂内未戴口罩,根据福特公司之答复,他们曾经要求白宫在厂内必须罩上安全帽及口罩但白宫有自己一套安全防护措施尼沙还说我们真是感到耻辱,有这麽一位美国总统。”

当总统选举之战火已经开始民主和共和两党在今年十一月之大选有着巨大之变数本来以为胜券在握的川普总统遇到了近代史上最大的病疫挑战民主党候选人拜登之全国民调已经领先川普, 如果就在今天投票他定败选无疑。