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美国新冠疫情日记5/28 We Are Proud Of Our Service To The Community

美国新冠疫情日记5/28 We Are Proud Of Our Service To The Community

  We Are Proud Of Our Service To The Community

  Management Districts Fill Gaps In City Service

Five Houston area management districts sent a letter to the Houston Chronicle last week to let the general public understand how all these districts have been working to enhance public safety, business opportunities and other forms of quality of life issues for several years.

When the coronavirus pandemic attacked our city, we felt more privileged to be a part of the  helping hand.

As centers of Houston’s Asian population, the Southwestern District and International District have partnered with local civic associations to provide more than three million dollars worth of food, protective medical supplies and laptop computers to local residents, first responders and frontline health care professionals.

When Mayor Turner said we might have to cut some city services because of the shortfall in tax income revenues, this became a critical time when we could fill in for some city services.

Even though the whole nation is open for business, we still can’t effectively control the pandemic in some big cities because unemployment rate is so high. Plus, with police brutality being so prevalant, there is a lot of unrest in many of our communities.

We also want to express our appreciation to all our colleagues working in the different cities. Because of your sacrifice and hard work in the last three months, we have never suspended any issue of our newspaper. We are publishing daily and all those colleagues still have to come to the TV studio to broadcast news, and our pressmen still have to come to the pressroom every night to print and deliver the daily newspaper.

We are so proud that our team can be of service to our community and to the nation and let you be informed on what is going on around the world.

One day history will definitely record our stories. As the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, once said, “Do what you can with what you have where you are.”

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在此艰难时刻 面对社会和国家付託,我们感到无比之骄傲我们在全美之工作团队的贡献将会载于历史之篇章我们是当之无愧, 正如第二十六任美国总统罗斯福所言我们当尽所能贡献社会