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美国新冠疫情日记06/15 We Need To Be Calm And Protect This Great Nation

美国新冠疫情日记06/15 We Need To Be Calm And Protect This Great Nation

We Need To Be Calm And Protect This Great Nation

In the last three months because of the Coronavirus pandemic, our community has suffered so much pain and lost so many people, and we still are feeling so much uncertainty.

Last week there was another tragedy in Atlanta, Georgia. A twenty-nine year old black man, Rayshard Brooks, was fatally shot by officers in a struggle following a field sobriety test. Authorities said the lone man had grabbed an officer’s Taser gun, but was running away when he was shot. Mayor Lane said she did not believe that this was a justified use of deadly force. Police chief Erika Shields immediately resigned, but still couldn’t calm the people.

Recent unrest in this country is not just a simple conflict between police force and the citizens. This is a long-standing social issue in our nation. When we look at our school system, the poor school districts don’t have enough resources to teach the students adequately. A lot of them come from single parent or broken family homes. Many can’t even get a high school diploma and don’t expect to go to college to get more education. When these groups of young people do not have the skills to get a job, they became a social problem. When Dr. Martin Luther King fought for civil rights in the1960’s, the political struggle just could not be improved. The black community living with this challenge is our responsibility to help each other and not just a slogan.

We are so angry and sad to watch some politicians use African, Asian and Chinese issues to gain their own political interest.

We are still urging all people to be united and to use all our effort to protect this great nation.

                             携手努力 应对骚乱


我们还是要呼吁大家要镇定应付大局全国之动乱可能无法停止就在上週, 亚特兰大警察又把一名黑人打死从报告中得知二十七岁的黑人青年布鲁斯因测出酒精出超拒捕和两名警察扭打后抢走了雷射枪在逃走后被警察连开三枪被打死, 虽然市长莱恩立即把开枪警察革职局长雪尔同时辞职但仍难息众怒上週末再度上演放火烧店之悲剧。

最近连串之警民冲突事件暴露了我们社会长期存在之结构性问题冰冻三尺非一日之寒自从民权运动领袖金恩博士在六十年代争取平等民权以来美国国民基本教育已经存在诸多不公平之现象非裔社区之学校由于经费短缺师资不佳加上许多单亲家庭无法兼顾孩童教育能够高中毕业者已不在多数何况上大学者更是为数不多在此竞争激烈之社会很难谋得较好之工作机会, 久而久之他们长期生活在社会之最下层经济条件愈来愈差当然会造成社会之动乱之主因。

今天我们看到许多政客正在利用社会之矛盾肆意攻击华亚裔社区, 在电视上公然辱骂实在令人不耻。

我们呼吁全体社区领袖及市民这是我们觉醒的时候了我们更要认淸许多国内外媒体存心丑化我们的社会秩序, 希望在许多问题上火上加油我们不可不慎。