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 Stimulus Bill Is Not The Final Solution

Congressional lawmakers are working to strike a deal on the next stimulus package before the end of this week. The bill could pass by tomorrow. It could also pass the week of August 10 if the House and Senate extend the length of their current session.

President Trump said in a White House news conference that since the pandemic has begun, the U.S. government has already spent three trillion dollars to help the people and businesses. He also urged that schools should open with extra precaution. He also announced that the Johnson & Johnson company will get one billion dollars to work on a coronavirus vaccine. He said he hopes that it will come on the market soon.

We are still facing a big challenge with this virus pandemic even though the federal government is trying to come out with more stimulus packages to help us, but this still cannot solve the problem. We are hoping this new vaccine will really come out to cure and protect us, otherwise this crisis will not come to an end.

Currently, there are more than six kinds of vaccine research going on. We saw thousands of volunteers joining in the testing. Because all of them are risking their lives to try and help the people, we really need to admire their sacrifice.



川普总统在今午记者会上宣称,自疫情发生以来, 联邦政府已经发放三万亿元之援助,他更高度讃扬亚里桑那州是防疫工作之楷模,不但控制了疫情,而且学校也即将开学到校上课,他呼吁全国都应该早日将学生到校上课。


值此全国国民遭到前所未见之困境 ,目前唯一盼望的是政府之救急及时雨,但是,这些救急不救穷之做法,无法解决基本之问题,除非在近期出现有效之疫苗,医治和防预病毒之扩散,否则,这场病毒之战将无法获胜。