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Kamala Harris Officially On Biden Team

Senator Kamala Harris has officially teamed up with Vice President Joe Biden to run in the 2020 presidential election. This represents that in our great nation, every citizen and race has the opportunity to lead this country.

 Harris was born and raised in Oakland, California. Her father was an immigrant from Jamaica and her mother was from India. Both of them like most of us came to America to seek a better education and a better life. Harris represents the immigrant family and the spirit of hard work and good education and a don’t complain and never give up attitude. Even when she was at an early age, a lot of kids still discriminated against her and her sister because of their strong and hard work attitude. But this also led her to become an attorney and took her all the way to the U.S. Senate. Her story has really become a model for all American immigrants.

 Whether the Biden-Harris ticket can win or not is still an unanswered question for Biden. But because Harris has partnered with him it definitely was the best choice.

 Because the coronavirus pandemic has already attacked our community for over half of the year, a lot of young kids have gone back to school with great risks. People don’t have full confidence with the new Russia vaccine. The American death total is now way over 160,000. This is a national tragedy for all of us.

 We as ordinary citizens really  don’t know what to say or what to do. We all hope that the 2020 election will bring us new hope.



从贺锦丽的生长过程看来, 她生长在加州奥克兰一个牙买加及印度后裔的中產阶级 ,父亲在大学教书,母亲是医疗研究专家,当父母离异后,她和妹妹就如一般孩童一样, 每天乘校车上学 ,上公立高中 ,但是由于她卓越表现, 在加州大学法学院毕业后,一路在政治上十分顺畅,从地方检察官到加州检察长,一直到美国参议员。

 今天她正走向白宫之路,民主党是否稳操胜券尚难预料 ,但是贺锦丽代表的非裔、亚裔及女性选民 ,绝对是选胜之关键。

 新冠疫情扩散至今,已超过半年之久, 疫苗何时发现尚未确定 ,俄罗斯之疫苗普遍又未被看好, 孩童上学后疫情难控,多半的中小商业更是哀鸿遍野,无法生存,如今选期不远,希望十一月三日总统大选能為国家带来新希望。